How to Wear Boot Socks

What do you do when you feel that your legs might need some extra comfort while wearing boots?

You get boot socks, of course. It’s usually just a pair of long socks. You generally have it peek out just over the boots. Basically, they are knee-high socks for your knee-high shoes.

They have become very popular these days. Whether for warmth, comfort or style, boot socks are everywhere.

Boot Sock Styles

There are some styles people typically follow when it comes to this though. So, I’ve listed some popular ones below.

Bunched and Rolled

This is a messy look, but it is easy to put together. Typically, you do it when the sock is too high over the boot. You don’t want your socks to stand out that much, especially if you are wearing leggings. In this case, what you want to do is just roll them down.

The roll can also work as a sort of marker or just an extra border from which the boot starts.

And doing it is easy. It looks really good with leggings as it showcases the juxtaposition of the leggings, sock, and boot. Jeans can also look great with this as the socks can give jeans a sleeker look.

Socks Sticking Out

If the socks are shorter, there might not be enough “sock” to bunch it together. If that’s the case, you might just want to leave it there as it is. So, first comes the boot, then just a little bit of the sock, and then whatever bottoms you’re wearing.

This look works well with skinny jeans or leggings or anything that is somewhat tighter on the skin.

It stands out less compared to the former style and doesn’t draw too much attention to your outfit. You might opt for this style if the weather is hot rather than cold.

The Sock Sandwich

As the name might suggest, this is sort of the pants and boot on either side with the sock tucked in between. You take the socks, and you pull them all the way up, it does not matter if it is longer or shorter, and then you put the boots on. Finally, you pull your bottoms over the socks and let just a little bit of it peek out.

You can sort of roll up your trousers a bit to let your socks show. It is typically more popular with the guys, but some women are comfortable with this style as well.

This looks really nice with skinny jeans or just regular denim jeans, and you can even improvise and combine this look with loafers.

How to Put on Boot Socks:

Now, how do you put on boot socks? Simple. You pull them on just like regular socks. Here are the steps for wearing boot socks properly:

Step 1: Roll up. Your jeans, or pants, or trousers whatever it may be, just gotta roll it up to make room for the sock.

Step 2: You can either slip the socks all the way up or kind of bunch the end of them or tuck them under your pants. It depends on what style you prefer.

Step 3: Put on the boots. All that’s left is putting on your footwear. Make sure to adjust it to fit well.


Feeling like boot socks are too mainstream? Fret not; here are some alternatives to boot socks that you might like:

Boot Cuffs

The boot cuff is a sock, without most of the sock. This thing is self-explanatory- it is a cuff, on your leg. Some people like their toes free and this is a pretty good alternative for them. You just slip it on. It gives your legs comfort and freedom to your toes.

Ankle Boots

Basically, they are discount boots. The opening is farther up than that of the shoe but not as far up as a boot. They go well with boot socks too, especially in warm weather.


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