How to Wear Boot Cuffs

Have you ever wondered how many ways there are to wear boot cuffs?

I’m sure you have. Else, there’s no other reason for you to be here.

Well, there are a lot of ways you can show off your boot cuffs with style and glamour. Many of which you haven’t even thought of yet.

That’s why I’m here to show you how you can pull off your stunning boot cuffs in many new ways.

How to Wear Boot Cuffs

In the cold winter, your boots are the companion you cannot go out without. To keep your legs warm, cuffs play an important role. As the boot cuffs provide you with warmth, it also adds some edge to your look. Making your attire look amazing by adding extra style.

Boot cuffs come in many designs and colors. With each new design, it gives you a different look all over to make yourself look astonishing.

Here’s some ways you can wear boot cuffs:

  1. Bunched

This is the best and classiest way to keep your legs warm and pull off your style. It seems simple yet it gives off the elegant look you want.

All you have to do is, wear your cuffs first. Then put your boots on. After putting on your boots, bunch the cuffs neatly on your boots.

You have to make sure how long you want your cuffs to be hanging out. With that in mind you have to pull the cuffs and then bunch it.

With black or blue jeans, you can try grey cuffs. It will give a sleeker touch on your looks.

  1. Just A Peek

If the bunched look is not your type, then you can try out others. One of which is just a peek look.

It’s a smooth and minimalistic way to enhance your look. It doesn’t add much flair to your outfit. Just a little touch of class for the pleasing eyes.

To wear this style, first you have to put on your boot cuffs. Then after that you’ll have to boot up. The boot cuff will be seen a tiny bit over your boots. So, you have to make sure that it doesn’t get seen much. Only the top layer of the boot cuff should be shown.

Your cuffs will look dashing with your jeans and as it’s less bulky, it won’t detract attention from the rest of your outfit.

  1. Menswear Inspired

A recent trend has begun which involves the nuance style of menswear. It’s not new at all but the style has become popular very recently. This particular style shows socks in between the boots and the jeans.

To pull it off, first you need to wear the boot cuffs on your legs. You have to stretch it further up. Then you have to keep your jeans pulled up till the cuffs are fully stretched. After the cuffs are smoothly spread, pull down the jeans.

Then wear the boots. You have to make sure that the cuffs are slightly exposed. Either by wearing cropped jeans or rolling your pants.

The look will flourish with any type of jeans or pants. The inch of exposed boot cuffs will add extra edge to your look.

  1. Pulled Up

To get your attire a polished look, this is the perfect way to do that. It’ll bring the hip vibe along with the classy touch.

For this style, first you need to wear your boot cuffs. After wearing it, you have to pull it up as far as it can go. While it is being stretched, put the boots on.

You have to keep in mind that, the cuffs won’t go underneath the jeans. The jeans will be pulled up as well. The edge of the cuffs will be exposed only, and from the edge the jeans will start up.

These boot cuffs will look dashing with any type of jeans, you can wear it with silk pants as well. The style introduces a unique look.


Winter without boots and boot cuffs are unbearable. So, I hope this article will help you with the ways you can wear your boot cuffs and look astonishing.

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  1. Very helpful! I usually wear leggings warmers under boots but I have biker boots and I think buying cuffs might be better. Wonder can these be worn with hiking boots, ski boots?


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