How to Clean Leather Boots Using Household Items

We know how expensive leather boots are and it is extremely sad to see them slowly lose their beauty because of improper cleaning methods.

Buying a new pair or getting them professionally cleaned are also expensive options.

The easiest and the most effective solution for you, would be to try out household items to get your shoes looking as good as new.

Let’s check out some of the household items with which you can clean your leather boots.


The first thing you are going to have to do is take equal parts of water and vinegar in a container. Then take a piece of cloth and soak it up with the water and vinegar solution and dab the cloth on the boots where there are stains.

And for the rest of the boot, just run the damp cloth all over and clean it. Once all that is done, just let it air dry. You should keep them away from any heating device as this may make the leather crack. In the end, you could polish them up with a bit of olive oil if you want them to have a shinier finish.

Moreover, you could avoid salt build-up if you clean them on a regular basis.

Dish soap

If you want to regularly clean your leather boots, then dish shop would be the most convenient option. Dilute the soap with a little bit of water and then use a paper towel to clean the boot. Be sure to take the laces out before you clean them. The cotton laces usually take more time to dry than the boot itself.

Then dip a towel in the water to take the soap off the boots and then wipe away the water using another paper towel or tissue.

Baking Soda

Sometimes you will see that your boots are scuffed; in that case, scrubbing would be a bad idea. Rather a better solution would be to get a piece of rag or old cloth and then take a bit of baking soda on the wet rag. Now, you can slowly rub the baking soda on the parts of the boots that are scuffed.

You can wipe away the baking soda from the boots using a damp paper towel and then go over it with a dry cloth to remove the moisture.


Along with baking soda, you can actually use toothpaste to take off scuff marks from your boots.

Take the paste and smoothly apply it over the scuffed parts of your shoes, let it sit there for a moment or two. Then you should take a rag and wipe away the paste. Put some pressure while you remove the toothpaste from the boots.

Hair conditioner

If you want your leather boots to look as good and shiny as your hair does, then what better product to use other than your conditioner. It can, in fact, help preserve the leather for a long period of time. The waxy texture of the conditioner will also help keep the boots look brand new.

And all you have to do is apply small amounts of conditioner all over the boot, and then you take a tissue or towel to spread it around. With that, your work is complete.

Olive oil

Just like hair conditioner, olive oil does a great job of protecting the leather of your boots. It may be a more attractive method of polishing up the boots as olive oil is more commonly found at homes and they are cheaper to buy. All in all, it’s a great deal for you.

Leather cleaner

Leather cleaner is something you should have at home if you own leather products. This can be used for your shoes, bags and even leather car seats. It is especially good if you have wet leather shoes. The leather cleaner keeps them away from harm’s way. And what’s more, they do a very quick job.


You can very easily save yourself some money by using any of these methods to clean up your leather boots.

I don’t that that you will come across any problem while cleaning as all the methods are very easy to implement. But if you do come across a problem, let me know and I’ll be more than glad to help you out.

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