How Should Cycling Shoes Fit

When we buy sneakers, we usually look for a pair that is slightly bigger in size than our normal feet in the hopes that it will give our feet room to breathe in.

However, with cycling shoes, the fitting should be perfect to give you maximum power and full control.

In this article, you will learn about how cycling shoes should fit in order to achieve the best results and the features that you need to look for in your ideal pair of cycling shoes.

So, let’s dive in.

Foot Length and Angulation

Considering the length of your foot and the angles at which your toes bend will help you find the ideal pair of cycling shoes. There is no such thing such as the perfect set of feet, so not all shoes can cater to all sorts of foot shapes and sizes.

Find a shoe with the size that is close to your feet size and then adjust the insides with wedges. To make sure that the edges of your feet and the angle of your toes perfectly align with the sides of the shoes, you can install custom made foot-beds into your cycling shoes.

Not only will it help fit your feet in the shoe perfectly, but it will also support your feet when it is in a stable state on the pedal.

Shoe Width

Now, some people may have wider feet, while others may have narrower. Nevertheless, Bicycle shoes for both narrow and wide feet can be found in the market.

Socks also play a very important role. Make sure to carry a pair of socks with you to put on when you’re trying out cycling shoes.

Socks add to the thickness of your feet, so you need to see and test out if you feel comfortable in the cycling shoes with socks on.


Cleats of cycling shoes are similar to the cleats of soccer boots. The cleats help you have control on the surface your feet will be landing on.

It helps you to keep balance while maintaining direction and posture. Cleats not only helps you stick your foot to the pedals without slipping off, but you can also pull them back.

If the cleats are not placed or designed properly into the soles of the shoes, it might cause short term problems like less power and long-term problems such as leg muscle strains. To know if the cleats are in the right place, check if they are directly below the balls of your feet.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Whether you plan on mountain-biking or road biking, any sort of vigorous exercise, especially those that heavily involve the feet, will make your blood pump faster. And when you have blood pumping at a faster rate than usual, your feet are likely to swell up while you’re cycling.

It might not be clearly visible, but it may cause some discomfort if your shoes are too tight on the top and less snug on the heels.

Therefore, even though you should buy a pair that will align with the shape of your feet as close as possible, you should also keep at least 3mm space past the top of your toes so that there will be no feeling of being squeezed.

Trial and Error

When you go to buy your new cycling shoes, make sure you try a multiple number of pairs. Wear them, walk around in them, and if you get lucky enough, try them on an actual bicycle. This way you’ll have your options open and a wider range of options to choose the ideal shoes.

The shoe you pick must feel comfortable to you. You will know that it’s the right one if it fits like a glove.

Also, you should keep in mind that cycling shoes tend to stretch over time. So, be prepared for that.


I can’t stress enough how important is for your shoes to fit your feet perfectly. Too snug or too tight can make your cycling journey uncomfortable if not outright torture.

So, I hope people who are looking to buy their first pair of cycling shoes or even those who are planning to upgrade to a newer pair find this article helpful.

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