Have you ever found yourself asking what are the differences between boots and shoes?

If you hadn’t earlier, now you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Now, this article will help you to gain in-depth knowledge about your everyday footwear. It will enable you to understand when to switch between your handsome boots and shoes.

Although none of them needs any introduction, we’ll first talk about what the shoes and boots are. We’ll also talk about their features. Let’s start with the shoes.


Shoes, as we all know, envelope and safeguard the feet below the ankle. However, some dress shoes may cover the ankle too; they are known as high topped shoes. Shoes have been around for centuries now, in various forms.

The oldest pair of shoes, which were sandals date back to approximately 7000 to 8000 BC, discovered in Oregon, USA. They were initially made to be worn for comfort on a regular basis for daily work.

Here are some of the features and facts about shoes:

Materials: Shoes were originally made from wood, leather or canvas. In modern times, they are mostly made using rubber, plastic or other Petro-chemical derived materials

Purpose: Shoes may be used for jogging, running, walking, for different sports (bowling, golf) and even for formal and more eventful occasions like parties and weddings.

If you plan to travel on regions with less bumpy roads, lightweight walking shoes with adequate cushioning will be very helpful.

Types of Shoes: Some different types of shoes include formal shoes, casual shoes, Sneakers, Athletic shoes (converses, tennis shoes, football stud shoes), ballet, pumps, wedges and of course high heels.

Different Styles: A few types of shoes come in distinct styles to the varying taste of the wearer. Some of which are: Oxford, Monk-straps, Slip-ons, brogues, court shoes, flats, espadrilles, mules, etc.

Accessories: Some of the accessories are shoehorns, shoe tree, shoe insert, heel grip, and foam tap.


Boots, on the other hand, are a distinctive type of shoe known to usually cover the ankle and sometimes the lower leg too, depending on the type of boot it is. This footwear is believed to have emerged from a primitive form of two-piece-unit capping the lower legs and the feet.

Boots may vary in their lengths extending up to the leg to cover the calves, knees and sometimes even the hips! These boots may or may not come with heels.

Here are some of the features and facts of the boots.

Materials: The orthodox choice of material for making boots were leather. Today they are made from a variety of materials including suede, plastic, rubber, and many more.

Purpose: They provide a means of protection from water, snow while carrying out strenuous labor work.

Today boots have evolved to serve as a major fashion statement, especially among ladies!

Apart from their popularity among fashionistas, boots also have a very practical purpose for both men and women alongside. For instance, they may be used for military, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.

While traveling at higher altitudes during the winter season, boots are preferred as they are known to have a better grasp on wet rocks and loose trails.

Remember to consider the type of terrain too. For example, rocky terrains may cause your feet to turn in on them and consequently roll your ankles. The ankle grip of boots prevents in doing so.

Types of Boots: There are very many types of boots. Some of which are: Snow boots, gumboots, bovver boots, army boots, and wedge boots, chap boots, etc.

Different Styles: There are different styles of boots including Chelsea boots, Wellington boots, Cowboys boots, Russian boots, etc.

Accessories: Some of the accessories that come with boots are spats, boot jacks, and boot hooks.

What About the Price?

As for the pricing of both shoes and boots, it may vary depending on a lot of factors ranging from the choice of material to the manufacturing brand.

Also, the quality of the pair will have a huge say in determining the price tag.


Now you know all the necessary bits about shoes and boots. It is finally time to bring out your valued pair from the confines of your closet, slip into them and strut away with grace.

You could as well head out to the stores to grab your next favorite boots or shoes, or better both!

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