About US

In everyday of your life there are always a few gears that you often need to use in order to feel complete, right? Whether it’s your car you use on a daily basis or you spend much of your free time hiking, you will need to have certain gears in place for you to be able to perform efficiently.

Anyway, getting the right gear for your activities might not always be an easy task. Most major sites, publications or even magazines always promote different company products just for the rewards they would get for doing so. However, at Wholegr.com, we prefer doing things a bit differently.

We are a large online team of highly experienced product experts with first-hand knowledge on different products and a professional touch to assist you in making rich informed decisions on the products you purchase.

Our Reviews

Well, anyone can put on nice clothes and look good, right? Also, maybe once or a few times, you’ve come across those products that are only meant to look good on the outside while on the inside is a complete mess. Anyway, besides from all the hype and marketing, the products you purchase need to be quite authentic and needs to perform. This is why at Wholegr.com, we put all the reviewed gears to the test and provide you with a detailed break down of how well they are able to perform.

We guide our readers by pointing them to some of the best products in the market. We show you some of the best gears that will probably outperform whatever you were using before. With our team of experts, you will always be feeling like a pro whenever you set out to shop for a few gears.

Product education

No one has ever been born with any knowledge of how to use particular gears, right? Well, as time goes by, you will always be interacting with new things and might come across a couple of stuff on our site that you might no know much about. Do not worry, you can simply reach out to us and you will get your questions handled by our experienced professionals. If you are looking for real and authentic products, look no further, you are right where you are supposed to be.